Fun Fun Fun: The Best Fest

Celebrating its ten year anniversary, FFF Fest proved yet again why it is one of the best festivals in the nation. With headliners such as Jane’s Addiction, performing their 90s classic Ritual de lo Habitual in its entirety, and a resurgent Ms Lauren Hill topping Sunday night in a big way, FFF provides the alternative to overgrown festivals recycling the same lineup of whatever acts are on tour.

Mammoth gallery of all three days after the jump.

Click to view large…


  1. As always Chad, amazing pictures! Love how you’re able to capture the intensity of the festival. Now I have to plan a trip to Austin next year for FFF (I was at ACL this year). Looks like you’re still loving that Batis 85mm.

    How are you liking the Leica Q? Looks like a great complement to the a7 cameras. It’ll be interesting to see what you think compared to the new RX1RII, which I’m assuming you’ll be getting. I’m thinking of selling all my 35mm glass to get the RX1RII, and just use that as my 35mm lens alongside my a7RII. It seems like you really enjoyed the RX1R + a7RII with Batis 85mm combo at ACL.

    I also noticed you took a bunch of pics with the a7SII. How do you like it compared to the a7RII (I know they are completely different animals, but still would like to see your thoughts)? I’m particularly interested in the AF performance between the two.



    1. Thanks! We are on the same wave-length. I am preparing a follow-up post specific to the Leica Q in comparison to both the RX1 and the a7RII (since that camera shares the same sensor with the upcoming RX1RII). I don’t want to spoil the plot but I will say you would be smart to be looking at the RX1RII.



      1. Looking forward to seeing your thoughts! Thanks!


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