High Flying

The upside to having an eleven-year-old that is plane crazy is that I get to relive my own childhood love of aviation. A couple weekends ago we headed out to a vintage car and airplane show in Georgetown, TX with cameras in tow. My son had a little Konica A4 loaded up with some Kodak ProImage 100 while I grabbed the RX1RII and the a7RII with Touit 12mm. Click through for a gallery of our good times.


Click for larger view…


  1. Quick question: how do you find the distortion of the RX1’s 35mm lens compared to other 35mms? Easily corrected in LR or PS? I’ve read some people’s comments that the distortion can be unfavorable… thanks!



    1. Distortion is not an issue and cleans up easily, either in camera or in LR/PS.



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