Antone’s 41st Anniversary Show Featuring Gary Clark Jr. and Barbara Lynn

Thursday, July 14th marked another milestone show in the storied history of Antone’s in Austin, TX. Celebrating its 41st anniversary, the venue hosted a surprise family get together featuring Gary Clark Jr and Barbara Lynn, as well as Don Leady & his Rockin’ Revue, featuring Jack Montesinos. With Susan Antone in attendance and a sell out crowd lucky enough to share the intimate evening with TX music greats, the new space on E 5th felt just right. Half way through his set, after commenting on how damn hot it was, Gary Clark Jr. recognized the uniqueness of the night – both points agreed upon by all in attendance.

Images shot with the Sony a7RII, G Master 85mm/1.4 and the Zeiss C-Sonnar 50mm 1.5 and ZM Distagon 35/1.4 with the Techart Pro autofocus adapter.


GCJ Antones-35GCJ Antones-32GCJ Antones-29GCJ Antones-34GCJ Antones-28GCJ Antones-27GCJ Antones-31GCJ Antones-26GCJ Antones-25GCJ Antones-30GCJ Antones-24GCJ Antones-23GCJ Antones-18GCJ Antones-21GCJ Antones-22GCJ Antones-20GCJ Antones-17GCJ Antones-19GCJ Antones-16GCJ Antones-15GCJ Antones-13GCJ Antones-11GCJ Antones-14GCJ Antones-12GCJ Antones-10GCJ Antones-9GCJ Antones-8GCJ Antones-7GCJ Antones-4GCJ Antones-3GCJ Antones-6GCJ Antones-2


  1. Incredible photos. Which WordPress theme do you use? I like the opening page with the scrolling images combined with being able to open the longer form posts.



    1. Thanks. Theme is called……camera!

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      1. Well that’s certainly appropriate!


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